Tuesday 9 December 2008


Oooh, my first Blog entry on my first Blog - how exciting!

I should start off by saying that I am a card-maker - I know what you're saying; "Another card-makers Blog!", but I get so much inspiration from other Bloggers that I thought it was about time that I joined in and maybe inspire others - lol! That was one reason for starting a Blog, the second was that, to join in challenges and competitions, it's sometimes the criteria that you have a Blog yourself. So, after joining in so many challenges etc from behind the scenes, now I can feel more in amongst everyone.

Now a little about myself (if you're interested that is): I started making cards about 5 years ago when I was deep in the middle of post-natal depression and found that I could escape the turmoil in my mind by concentrating on making cards - and I haven't looked back since! Not only am I now an addicted card-maker but it looks like my daughter is well on her way to joining me!

I have just discovered Stampin Up! products and am starting to experiement with my new goodies, so I should soon have a few photos to share with you.

I think that's enough waffle for now........second entry coming soon......


Joanne said...

Hi Steph! Looking forward to seeing your creations on your blog. I love the green - very restful.

Stephanie said...

I had mild PND after the birth of my first but didn't realise it until I had my second (everything was so different & it dawned on me!) I'm so glad cardmaking helped you through it :) Welcome to blogland - I'm new to it aswell x