Sunday 8 March 2009

A Pretty Lacey Frame

I thought I'd do something a bit different with my 'student' on Tuesday so I decided we'll decorate a pretty pink photo frame. I decided to make one today with my little girl so I could iron out any obsticles before the lesson (and boy I'm glad I did as there were some!).

So, here's what we're going to make:

I know - the photo's terrible! Sorry about that! I can assure you it looks absolutely gorgeous and so cute in the flesh.

I used Joannes 'Box with Scallop Circle Flowers' tutorial to make the flowers:

But if you'd like a complete step-by-step on how I did it, here we go (with more terrible photos!) :


You will need:

  • A 6x4 photo frame (preferably plain, bare wood)
  • Light pink poster paint
  • Light and medium pink card
  • Pastel yellow card
  • 4x16cm diameter doilies
  • 1m pink threaded sequins
  • Medium Pink stamp pad
  • Small sponge
  • Pink ribbon
  • Stampin Up! scallop circle punch
  • Small flower punch
  • Brush Markers
  • Fast Hi-Tack glue
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Scoring tool
  • Paint brush


  • Firstly, take the backing and the glass out of your frame so that you are only left with the wooden frame itself. If your frame is not bare wood, I would recommend lightly sanding the surface to make sure the paint holds.

  • Paint the frame with your poster paint and leave to dry (my frame needed two coats).

  • Cut 6 scallop circles from the light and medium pink card (you’ll have twelve in total) and 8 small flowers from the pastel yellow card. Follow Joanne’s instructions of making the flowers on her blog ‘Mainly Flowers’:

I made 4 double and 4 single layer flowers.

  • Take your doilies and sponge the lacy section with the ink from the ink pad. Then cut each doily into three equal sections and trim the solid centre off, leaving approx 5mm

  • Now pleat the sections of doily (I made 3 pleats which gave me four sections) and fold the 5mm section under.

  • Wrap double-sided sticky tape around the outside edge of your frame and attach the pleated doilies so they are flush with the edge of the frame. Depending of the size of your frame you may need to make more doily pieces.

  • Next wrap double-sided sticky tape round the same edge going over the top of your 5mm doily edges and hide these edges with ribbon and/or sequins.

  • Now, run a thin line of Fast Hi-Tack round the outside edge of the front of the frame and stick your threaded sequins into position.

  • Depending on whether you want your frame to be landscape or portrait, arrange your flowers and glue into position with Hi-Tack.

  • Leave to dry and then reassemble the glass, photo and backing and you’re done! (or you can decorate some more with butterflies, leaves, swirls etc – it’s up to you)



~amy~ said...

Steph, whatta cute frame!!! Gotta love the pink :)

Teresa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Got to have one! Even in pink and I am not normally a "pink" person lol.

Joanne said...

This is so pretty Steph - great idea with the doilies! Glad you liked the flowers!