Thursday 16 April 2009

Stampin Up! Workshops?

I LOVE Stampin Up! And would love to attend a workshop (or two!) but I can't seem to find anything near to me! Anyone out there know of any in the Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire area? Please comment with the details if you do - thanks!


Monica Gale said...
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Monica Gale said...

Sorry steph did that wrong, I know a lovely lady in Northampton email me at and I will give you her details Hugs Mxx

triciaquarius said...

Hi Steph!
I am just about to release dates for workshops throughout the year as my recent workshops have been fully subscribed very quickly. I will let you know the dates shortly.
Tricia -x-

jennyc said...

Hi Steph! I've just become a demo (Monica is my 'grandma' and Trishia my 'mummy') and would be delighted to do a workshop for you, either at your home or mine, take your pick! e-mail me on for a chat and to arrange something. Look forward to hearing from you! Jenny xxx

Vicky said...

Hi Steph - I can strongly recommend Tricia's workshops. She's based in Rushden Northants so could be good for you.
Vicky x