Monday 5 October 2009

Here's Something I knocked Up Earlier .....

I had some material left over after making my little girl some curtains for her wendy house (that hubby has nearly finished making). It's such lovely gingham material so I decided to make myself a clothes peg bag, so I made it this morning (it's got cute little wooden heart buttons on it that I found in a local wool shop) :
After making though, I love it sooo much that I decided that I'm going to send it to a wonderful friend in Japan who accommodated us when we went a couple of years ago. I know she'll just love it! You know I'm always doing this - making things and then giving them away! I don't think I have anything in the house that I've made myself because I just have to give them away!

Miss you Erisa :( but this is on it's way to you xxxxxxxx


Emma said...

Awh what a sweetie you are. Such a thoughtful and lovely gift - how clever are you :D

Suzie Q said...

Hi steph.
What a lovely present!!
well done on winning the stamps you lucky beggar!
Suzie qx

Vicki said...

Oh Steph how clever are you, just running up these little it's just lovely I bet your friend will love it!

Vicki x

Congrats on your win over at Steph's blog!

LoloDesigns said...

Glad you liked my review of 'sew'. Doesn't it look gorgeous! You are going to love it when you get your copy, worth it for the bag alone! xx