Friday 22 January 2010

Ahhhh - I keep forgetting!!!

I'm sorry to anyone out there who still visits my blog (LOL!)

I keep forgetting to take photos of the things I've been crochetting! I made a lovely scarf for a friend which, by pure fluke, matched perfectly with her coat. And I've also made a gorgeous green shawl for my grandmother-in-law - I especially can't believe I forgot to photo that one, it was gorgeous!

Tut-tut! I promise I'll try harder! I'm currently working on a pretty little top for my daughter, which I will photo as soon as I finish it.

I am also trying to crochet as many things as I can for the Knit-A-Square charity ( which takes knitted and crochetted items and distributes them to orphaned and abandoned children in Africa, most of whom also have HIV/AIDS. We wouldn't think that it gets cold in Africa but apparently it does and the children with HIV/AIDS especially feel it. You must check out the website and, if you can knit or crochet, join in. If you're unable to join in but have some wool you would like to donate to me, please leave a comment with a contact email address and I'll be in touch.

Thanks for popping by.



~amy~ said...'m here:) I love seeing everything you create so YES! please post your crochet projects Steph!

Emma said...

Whooo hoo I'm here :D I too would love a little nose at your crocheting wonders.

Emma x