Thursday 30 December 2010

Grandma Love Cushion

It's a foggy, miserable day outside but in the world of hooking and knitting it never can be!

I've just finished making this cushion for a friend:

The photo is terrible (a night time photo never works), so you can't see the colours very well.  The pattern is called 'Grandma Love Cushion' and is available from The Royal Sisters blog.

I've also been knitting me a skirt over the past month.  I finished it last night, I was soooo excited, but...... IT'S TOO BIG!!!   Waaaaaaa!!!  It's meant to be quite figure hugging with a flare at the bottom but it's loose and the hem tucks in instead!  8(  I seem to be doomed making anything for myself!  I crochetted a jacket for myself a couple of months ago and that came out too small!  I never make anything for me but I really wanted to be able to wear something that I'd made.  Is someone trying to tell me something?


~amy~ said...


I have a friend that always washes things in hot water that are too big for her and then they end up in my hands because they come out too

Happy New Year!

Mrs Twins said...

The only thing 'clothing wise' I made which was successful was two crocheted tops for my daughters. I had ordered them a 'crop top' around 13 years ago out of a catalogue. They were so expensive at £40.00 each that I decided to crochet them both one. do you know they fitted perfectly!
keep trying and you'll be successful.
Hugs Suex