Friday 29 October 2010

Gedifra Selena Pattern HELP!

Hello! It's been AGES hasn't it?!

So sorry it has been so long but I have been beavering away knitting and crochetting so many things you wouldn't believe it! So much so that I've started getting a achey shoulder!

I've gotten myself stuck though and need your help; I have purchased 12 balls of Gedifra Selena ribbon yarn (3 balss of each colour in photo below). Each ball is 50g and 85m with a recommended size 8 needle (think that's a 4mm). How I haven't knitted or crochetted with a ribbon yarn before and I have no idea what to make! Neither can I find a decent pattern anywhere. Preferably I would like to use all the colours in one project but I am really stumped!

I would be sooo grateful to anyone out the who can offer a pattern suggestion in either knitting or crochet. I don't mind what it is (as long as it's not a scarf, hat or gloves XD)

Thank you in advance

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