Friday 5 November 2010


It's no good! I can't think what to make with the Gedifra Ribbon Yarn! I decided to try making a couple of things but they didn't work out, so I rolled the ball back up and decided to give them away!

So, here they are, 12 50g balls of Gedifra Selena Ribbon in 4 different colours:
Blue & Orange
Blue & Yellow
Blue & Pink
Blue & Blue

For your chance to win them, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me EXACTLY what you would do with them (links to patterns/ideas would be fab too) and I'll randomly draw a winner on Sunday 14th November.

If you don't think you'd use all the balls, let me know how many you'd need and in what colours and maybe we could have 2 or more winners!

I look forward to hearing your ideas 8D


Mrs Twins said...


Hi Mrs Twins here 'Sue',

I suppose I'm what you call the Creator of SIBOL.
SIBOL for anyone that doesn't know already is an on-line Crocheting and Knitting Group formed at the start of the year.
'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'.
Back in January on my 'Mrs Twins' blog asked if anyone wanted to help me make Blankets for the Elderly in the UK.
The response was amazing. Todate I have received well over a 1,000 Squares. I would think 'without counting' around 90 Ladies have now taken part in my project around 18 or 19 countries. Between us all we have now made 38 Blankets. I am just starting the 39th. 38 Blankets 25 squares in each that is 950 Squares assembled.
In a few weeks time I shall be donating these Blankets to Nursing Homes in the UK. Hoping that the gifting of the Blankets will be like a 'Ray of Sunshine' into the lives of the Elderly.

I have started this project in Memory of my dear Grandmother who lived until the age of 103. My Grandmother was very fortunate that she didn't need to go into a home. She lived in her Bungalow very very independently until the day she passed awsay. She wasn't ill, she just fell asleep. I thought the world of My Grandmother, and she knew like me that she was very fortuate.

I know there are many Elderly folk in Nursing homes who do not have visitors and often sit alone for hours on end. Our Blankets hopefully will give lots of love and warmth.

I am in the process of getting the Blankets ready now to be given out. I make personal cards with each Sunshine Blanket showing a photo of the Blanket on the front and inside a few words about our Group and I also write the names of the Ladies who have very kindly given their time and their love to making each Square.

Before I give the Sunshine Blankets out I tie each Sunshine Blanket with ribbon.

I wonder please Steph if you would very kindly put SIBOLS name into your 'giveaway'. Your beautiful ribbon yarn would be perfect for our 'Sunshine Blankets'.

Thanks so much.

If anyone is interested our link is

We have such a lot of fun over there, and also at the same time making 'Sunshine Blankets' is so worthwhile.

Hugs Suex

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! what a generous giveaway!
I never know what to do with yarn of the novelty persuasion either!
I'm thinking wouldn't they make a cool summer cardigan! They're not wool are they? Yes, I'm thinking a nice hippy kind of throw cardigan just perfect for wearing over a maxi dress in summer.... god I love summer!
Have a great weekend!

MyCretanlife said...

Well I have never knitted with ribbon yarn myself ,but I understand that it drapes beautifully so a nice cardigan would be lovely or even a shawl. I know I would like to have a go at it so please enter me into your giveaway.

Ellu said...

Hi Steph,
I'm thinking of using the ribbon yarn to crochet 2 "Easy Urban Carryalls", for which I found the pattern in the book "Weekend Crochet". They suggest tearing old blankets into strips, but why not use ribbon yarn for it? I think 2 colours would be sufficient (my favourites: blue-blue & blue-orange), so I would happily share your generous giveaway with somebody else.

- said...

Oh yes, I would love to win this yarn as I have been wanting to make some bowls with them. I have been inspired by some photos shown here and think the ribbon yarn may also work.

Mrs Twins said...

Thanks ever so much Steph for popping over and leave your comments, very nice of you.
I especially liked making this one. Pink is my favourite colour, with green lovely. x
Hugs Suex